WCW September 2014

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West Coast Woman

My photographer Evelyn England and I headed up to Bradenton to the Manatee Performance Arts Center (MPAC) in July for a photo shoot with their Executive Director Janene Witham. We both left with the same impressions: the MPAC is huge and wonderful. Janene is petite and amazing.

And both are monumental in so many ways. The Center is nothing like the old Manatee Players theatre which was charming in a decrepit kind of way, but had outlived its usefulness. Now the community has a great place not just for the Players’ many shows, but also for parties, business events, weddings and other receptions. Everything is state of the art including a huge catwalk we had the neat pleasure of walking on over the audience area.

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Key to the Cure 2014

The Circus is Coming

Saks Fifth Avenue has announced that Will Ferrell, Ana Gasteyer, Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong and Colin Jost have been named as the EIF ambassadors for Saks Fifth Avenue’s 2014 Key To The Cure campaign.

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Cool Delights for Hot Nights

Back To Butter

Summer and the heat it brings starts to get a bit old in September here in Florida. The rest of the country, however, starts to feel a change in the air as hot and humid start to give way to cool and crisp. So, hang in there and stay cool with these chilled delights.

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Philly’s Old City gets New Life

Travel News

If you could visit typical but significant historic sites in the U.S. and have some nightlife, would that be a perfect combination? Often times you trade one for the other, but can you get both? In Philly, I’d have to say yes. The city has some magnificent museums, mansions and a smattering of historical sites scattered about. But the biggest and most obvious spots are in or near Old City.

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